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Kyle Richardson Louder Than Words


The highly-anticipated debut album from Canada’s Kyle Richardson has finally hit the scene – an eleven-track playlist of evocative and uplifting pop classics, beginning with the unmistakable anthem that is Can You Hear Me.

Eclecticism is a key part of the pop-artist profile, and Kyle seems to have mastered that in a subtle yet effective way throughout the new project Louder Than Words. Consider the shift to a warm and colorful ballad, complete with cascading synths, for Anything, and the subsequent redirection towards Gospel-kissed intrigue and piano-led storytelling, for Perfect Crime.

Always the set feels diverse yet well-rooted amidst heartfelt, meaningful and relatable songwriting. Matters of the heart pierce through with gorgeous vocals and a brilliant sense of rising anticipation in every production.

Fight The Good Fight brings through a timeless pop set-up and evolution from short, descending lines to a vastly expanding soundscape. Once again, there’s an inspiring and hopeful core to the writing and arrangement, and Kyle’s performance expresses that with grace, helping further connect with listeners on an emotionally genuine level.

Other highlights from Louder Than Words include the simple yet striking relevance and celebratory hook of Fun, the contrastingly sultry, RnB-infused Everything About You, the retro warmth and soulful conviction of Memory Lane, and the catchy stomp and optimism of Nice To Meet You.

The project’s title-track Louder Than Words is also an essential part of the process, another piano-ballad with a revealing degree of vulnerability and story to it, and Sooner Or Later adds a touch of funk and groove – whilst highlighting another aspect of Kyle’s naturally versatile ability as vocalist.

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