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KUNAL Feelin’ Good


Simple soundscapes and hypnotic vocal rhythms inject clarity and character into the contemporary hip hop scene as KUNAL continues to make waves.

Feelin’ Good follows a tripped up trap-style beat and repeating keys riff, showcasing a consistently varied flow, with an anthem-like hook for comfort but a notable level of complexity in the story-telling of the verses.

This is where the writing connects, the upfront vocal mix feels genuine, and the intelligent word-play and ever-evolving bars work hard to really further that connection and introduce an artist with an unlimited vocabulary and a plethora of stories at his disposal.

Keeping versatility clear, Blessings takes a far more humble, mellow and emotive pathway. Still we recognise the voice, the simple set-up – a subtle riff, a single rhythm – heavier now, with more bass.

The flow is fresh once more, and there’s heart and soul in the story here – the lyrics captivate for their progression through these details.

The conscious aura of the writing is quite profound, nothing is overused or copied from elsewhere – originality stands tall, and that’s a rare and refreshing quality.

Last year’s release Angelic & Devilish marked a mighty step into the scene, and these follow-ups more than meet the high bar set by that earlier single.

KUNAL has a style of his own, a complex manner of writing that shines brightly for its honesty and smart, sharp presentation alike. Well worth experiencing if you’ve grown tired of the repetitive or simplistic nature of hip hop elsewhere.

Download or stream KUNAL’s music here. Check out KUNAL on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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