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KUNAL Angelic & Devilish


Bringing together a dreamlike wash of synths with a heavy yet stylishly creative beat, and a rap vocal that reignites the original story-telling and passion of the genre, KUNAL’s Angelic & Devilish is a powerful new hip hop track, with a mighty sense of identity about it.

Featuring a refreshingly up-front, clean-cut vocal line, the single introduces KUNAL’s personality and performance-style in a bold way. This rhythmically engaging yet subtly varied array of bars meanders between scene-setting, personal reflection, and quirky wordplay. Some moments hit with short, impactful lines, others follow a more descriptive pathway that seeks to tell the story and allow listeners to build a genuine connection with the artist.

All the while, this soundscape continues to offer up even more dynamic and uninhibited creativity – the latter half in particular switching to a distorted, retro synth format just briefly, throwing in a final wash of power that naturally suits the implied intensity of the title.

While there’s a partly nostalgic presentation to this kind of rap work and cinematic set-up, there’s far more about this track that speaks volumes on behalf of what’s possible artistically from 2020’s music and beyond. A second listen seals the deal with ease, and KUNAL’s bars compel and captivate all the more so once you’re familiar with the upcoming progression.

Increasingly passionate, engaging, interesting, and brilliantly produced – Angelic & Devilish marches to the beat of its own drum; a welcomed quality right about now.

I know where Hell and Heaven is – I live in the middle, I cherish it…”

Download or stream the single here. Check out KUNAL on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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