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Kouny Elevation


Kouny’s follow-up to the impressively creative Carry On is a single that’s equally immersive and further showcases an artist and producer with a natural connection to the music he makes.

Elevation is an uplifting new track with a notably full and bright soundscape – various layers and colors rain down among the outer edges, fragments of voices and flickers of detail help keep things eclectic and moving forwards smoothly. That RnB core maintains a soulful aura, and Kouny’s performance is as fitting as ever – this delicate level of passion suits the calm groove of the music well.

Lyrically Elevation directly addresses a significant other, and in terms of the delivery – Kouny moves effortlessly from the rap verse at the start to the melodic and anthem-like moments that follow later on. You barely notice this fusion of genres or this switch from spoken rhythms to tunes – another box ticked in terms of effective, professional production; and a naturally flowing song. The concept is personal, as suggested, and this gives it an honest emotional integrity that lets listeners connect to and escape within the moment as you would with any favourite song.

Quality production really lets this stand tall – the sort that not only strengthens the song within but also offers numerous elements and layers that help keep it uplifting and bright sounding, right the way through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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