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Kinzoogianna Cherry Devoy


Dancing to the beat of her own drum entirely, Kinzoogianna is an artist joyfully redefining what it means to be an expressive and captivating musician in today’s realm.

Cherry Devoy is the latest release, a smooth to anthemic alternative single that’s increasingly energetic and addictive to let play at volume. Without a doubt, the live shows are where a track like this will really come alive.

Kinzoogianna is Anna Stubbs – a multi-instrumentalist, producer, record label owner, singer and songwriter, who also performs around London with her band Brotherly. Her contemporary Nu Jazz sound has carved out a fresh pathway amidst the scene, and Cherry Devoy showcases the nostalgic groove, retro basslines and playful vocals of the approach in a way that’s fiercely confident.

The result is a video and single that quite simply depict an artist enjoying the creative and performative process. Things move from quirky to passionate, injecting a higher-toned vocal hook resolve during the latter half, and meanwhile introducing layers of additional Jazztronica nuances in the keys and flavours reignited as things roll along.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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