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KinetiX Clear To You


Following on from their well-received single Lullaby, electro-pop act KinetiX offer up a beautifully energising new single to kick off the new year in an emotive yet uplifting way.

Introducing a blissful soundscape of multiple layers of synths and melodies, including a fuzz-kissed bass-line and compressed beat for warmth, the song goes onto utilize an ever-recognisable, expressive leading voice – subtle yet striking in its honest connection to the subject matter.

From a writing perspective, the lyrics fascinate and refresh – the story feels new, the phrasing original and interesting, making sure to hold attention well with each and every line that pours through. And these are short, rhythmic lines – nothing too complex, but the lyrics manage to light up the simplicity with intrigue and humanity alike.

Add to this a structure that permits the evolving stages of the song to really envelop listeners, ultimately dropping in for a beautifully immersive hook, and the whole thing connects and satisfies with ease.

During the outro, the long-form instrumental melody weaves one last web around listeners, and suddenly the band’s musicality brings through both skill and originality that’s likely to make this an easily memorable highlight from their catalogue so far. Really nicely crafted, a pleasure to listen to at volume.

Single out February 18th. Check out KinetiX on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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