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Kindrid is an artist and producer creating a beautiful storm right now with his music. If the satisfying smoothness and subsequent hit of the sound doesn’t attract your attention in itself, the overwhelmingly positive response from the one and only Deadmau5 should give you more than enough reason to check it out.

Demise is a great place to start if you’re a fan of experimental EDM and dub-step. Kindrid balances perfectly the professionalism and sheer creativity required to craft a soundscape that entrances its audience. Demise on occasion feels like an ambient bit of escapism – waves of synths and dashes of distant melodies linger around you like some easy-listening, meditative piece. As it evolves though, which it does consistently, the sound explodes with character and weight and energy.

The whole thing has been masterfully crafted yet freely structured so as to keep you on your toes, to keep things interesting, and always to effectively set-up certain turning points that begin to feel familiar and recognizable as the track moves along. It’s not all that common for an EDM track to have such memorable riffs that reoccur less frequently, at least not with so much else surrounding them to additionally impress.

The structure of this is everything, the sounds are unquestionable – the intro is peaceful and reflective, calming, but it’s the rising level of complexity, the increasing detail, that really make this something special. When the rhythm hits it feels fresh – again, not an easy thing to achieve in today’s overflowing world of music. The pace feels perfect at first, and yet, as things grow, as the dub-step element steps up to the stage, every change seems brilliantly well suited to the movement, and the drop is fantastic. This plays out like a short film, considerately built, never rushed, never a moment wasted. Kindrid is on to something wonderful.

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Why did you choose the name Kindrid?

It’s a bit of an evolution. My first DJ handle was “Atmie”and I thought it would look cool on social media as @me, but as I got a little more serious about my music, I chose a name after a character in the League of Legends video game called Kindred. I liked the character’s creativity, logic and determination. But there are way too many people with the name Kindred, so I swapped the “e” for an “i” and there we are!

How would you describe your sound?

My signature style is a mixture between Melodic Dubstep, Future Bass, half-tempo Drum and Bass. I have always been somewhat of an emotional person, and I use that to my advantage when I write music. I am inspired by artists like deadmau5, Au5, Rezz, No Mana, Direct, MrFijiWiji, Fractal, Notaker, Haywyre, Koda, ATTLAS and Laszlo, various classical composers, and film scores. My newest release, Demise, has been described as a melodic dubstep track with a visceral energy. The melody is based on a horn solo from the 10th Symphony of Russian pianist and composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

What are some of your favorite songs?

Carry Me Away by Rootkit, Believe Her by MrFijiWiji and Letterbomb by Green Day.

What was it like to get “discovered” by deadmau5?

It was surreal. My cell phone was buzzing off the hook. deadmau5 started to remix one of my tracks live on! He even joked that the likes of Monstercat Recordings and Spinnin Records would be interested in signing this track. I have heard about people like Chris James being discovered overnight by large producers like deadmau5, but when it was my turn, I was just blown away. Especially as thousands of people started to listen to my music for the first time. deadmau5 is one of the most generous and giving artists in this business and I am honored to have been called out and recognized by someone who I respect and admire so much as both a mentor and producer.

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Check out the music on Spotify or Soundcloud. Find & follow Kindrid on FacebookTwitter. Visit his Website for more information.

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