Introducing a slick modern trap groove and anthem with a quirky twist. Seven year old Lil’ David is the rap prodigy creating out of Houston, Texas, a child star bringing the clean fun back to modern hip hop.

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Heavy electronic production meets with equally effected vocals of an emotive, purposeful storyline for contrasting impact – rapper and artist Favour Abel injects a fresh degree of intention and hypnotic musicality into the modern hip hop scene. Structurally unique for its progression from artistic and soulful to gritty and informative, Adam & Eve utilises the … Continued

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Born in Texas but more notably raised and shaped by the UK, rapper and artist Kway delves into emotional turmoil and unapologetic realness with this ambient and impressive, deeply personal freestyle.

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Impressively creative, professional & hard hitting. It doesn’t simply adhere to a single genre or rule, it presents a versatile artist, with an intention to speak the truth, and to revel in a clear, unwavering love for music in all of its forms.

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From the opening chaos and melodic distortion of the soundtrack, through a bold and confident introduction, James delivers a heavy, intense flow, and an anthem of a track that effectively breathes energy and optimism into the classic hip hop landscape of self-confidence and ambition.

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