From the opening chaos and melodic distortion of the soundtrack, through a bold and confident introduction, James delivers a heavy, intense flow, and an anthem of a track that effectively breathes energy and optimism into the classic hip hop landscape of self-confidence and ambition.

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At just 14 years of age, Houston-based artist and rapper Luclover is already aiming high and hitting the mark as impressively as his peers. Her Loss makes for a fine introduction to his work, and a further step higher in terms of his successes and the name he’s building for himself within the scene. Featuring … Continued

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Following the release of his superb new album Drank & Bottled Up Emotions, we were blessed with the opportunity to interview artist and rapper Byron Bank, to find out more about his creative process, his thoughts on modern rap, and his hopes for the future. Here’s the conversation in full.  * * * Hi Byron – thanks so … Continued


Superb production and a clear talent for the art-form stand tall at every step on this incredibly eclectic yet firmly rooted and heartfelt project. Byron Bank categorically offers precisely the qualities that first ignited the spark in hip hop.


Strong is an interesting song for many reasons – not least the refusal to adhere to the usual trappings of work in this genre. It’s classic songwriting that has enough spice to mark it out as a thoughtful development on Mark’s previous releases.


With almost fifty seconds of pure musical introduction, I Done Came Down proves to be a creatively free-flowing, partly organic and partly industrial whirlwind of rhythmic chaos; the sort that toys with your head-space.


Taking inspiration from the likes of Lil Peep, along with a more classically trip-hop-influenced aura, Dutch’s latest album is one that effectively fuses skills from his acoustic past with a deeply thoughtful and contemporary writing style – ultimately offering a strong remedy for the chaos and noise of the modern world.

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