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KidVitals Bck 2 Rlty


Dreamy production and nostalgically canned vocals create a clear sense of rising energy and longing, as KidVitals starts up the colourful yet impassioned EP Bck 2 Rlty.

Imma Keep Looking (2themoon) is the opener, taking its time to build from simple, retro notes, seemingly freestyle at first, through what ultimately becomes a faster-paced and multi-layered, bright yet lyrically melancholic emo-pop hit of increasing fullness.

The sound loops and loops, the sentiments too, enchanting the listener as the beat goes on and the energy grows, before everything slows back down to calm – an evolutionary wave that can be both heard and seen when you experience the track via SoundCloud.

Vintage electro-tones make up much of this EP, KidVitals showcasing a freely creative way with production, yet a consistently contemplative, heartfelt and self-aware writing style, too.

For DOPAMINE!, we’re immediately energised – distortion and high-tempos, relentless rhythms, cascading synths and a plethora of vocal lines raining down all around. The song aptly represents its title implications and the rush of feelings and energy associated with that. At the same time, it effectively underlines the versatility of this artist and EP.

Hip Hop takes the reigns for Effiel, perhaps more mainstream in rap and melody, and in its retro gamer tones (a trait that hits distinctly for Breeze). Then we get If I Had The Power, with uniquely dance-kissed production from Jisatsu lighting up a notably more thoughtful vocal, as the soundscape wholly envelops the listener in a more contemporary world of reverb and vastness.

The heart captures the mood again for Magic Man, an Owl City sense of warmth and intimacy standing tall alongside uplifting rhythms and synths. The style is clearly KidVitals, recognisable now in the cascading and colliding layers of vocoded voice and instrumental detail.

KidVitals keeps things creative and fun for this project, yet also manages to drive with a clearly emotional depth that connects for its vulnerability when united with these fuller overtones.

MTV Life presents a strong groove and honest story for a penultimate reminder of these strengths. Then Lost Stxr delivers a brief yet revealing outro, and perhaps the EP’s most memorable melodic progression. A simple beat, a diary-like outpouring, with a stable melodic rise and fall, the contemporary sound connecting for its relevance and realness combined.

It’s a hypnotic yet minimalist finish, and draws focus to the humanity of the writing one last time; aspects that ring loud throughout the KidVitals approach to modern music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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