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Kelly Pepper Wishing


Kelly Pepper’s new track Wishing is a powerful and memorable take on an absolute classic song from the 70’s; Rose Royce’s Wishing On A Star. Production aside, what Kelly brings to this one is an almighty vocal performance, loaded with style and strength, making something of the past seem completely fresh. She offers a brand new take on it all, a stylish, smart, timeless, and passionate presentation.

Her performance never falters, so the song remains powerful and effective from start to finish. She has that sound that gets you ready for the weekend, or keeps you feeling pumped and energetic – just when you need it, when you feel like giving up. Those essential vibes that drive us to work harder, and play harder, too. A voice more than worthy of this kind of epic musical undertone.

The music behind the vocal is superbly produced, Drifta has added his creative touch and mixing skills to bring us a heart pounding, soul soothing, brightly coloured beast of classic drum and bass. It’s nostalgic, for sure, but there is so much added to this that is new – every sound and every effect works in unison with the music and Kelly’s vocal to make for a beautifully hard hitting piece of music.

It’s a commanding and dynamic track, fans of drum and bass will be at the height of sentimental enjoyment, fans of supreme vocal ability and classic pop melodies will feel indulged and involved. The kind of release that challenges you not to sing along, or dance, or at the very least turn the volume up a couple of numbers. A well thought out track, much respect goes to the artists involved for the effort and passion and skill that has clearly gone into creating it. Kelly Pepper is not a name to forget any time soon.

The track is officially out now and available to download over on iTunes. You can also head over to Soundcloud to hear the pumped up Oversight remix of the track – well worth a listen. Meanwhile, turn it up loud – this the official track and video for Kelly Pepper’s Wishing.. 

You can also listen to Wishing over on Soundcloud, and follow Kelly on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest releases and events. A brilliant singer, likely to be in high demand among electronica, drum & bass producers, and beyond. She uses her vocal ability to fuse pop top lines with Drum N Bass sounds and has recently been writing for the likes of Sigma, Matrix & Futurebound, Ray Keith, Drumsound & Bassline Smith. Visit her Website to find out more. On the buttons is Drifta who adds his trademark production style to Kelly’s searing pop vocals. Drifta has remixed a number of tracks in recent years which have garnered support from platforms such as Mr Suicide Sheep, EDM Network, Music 4 Montage, Mobo and Essential DnB. Get involved.

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