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KC Sisters Please Mr. Postman


KC Sisters harmonize beautifully on this refreshing take on The Marvelettes 1960’s classic Please Mr. Postman. Rarely do you get the pleasure of hearing this sort of vocal-led, vintage musicality these days – particularly not from such a young group of artists. KC Sisters give the song a whole new sound, fresh yet in keeping with the original vibe. This is a totally respectful and incredibly enjoyable cover of an easy to love song.

From the offset, those recognisable tones emerge and you know where you are, still though – there’s a delicacy to this version, and the number of different voices add a consistent level of change or evolution throughout; as well as various instances of character that help keep the whole thing interesting and captivating.

To watch the accompanying video in unison with the single is to appreciate all the more-so the skill and passion with which the band perform. Everyone involved has put their all into this, but more importantly – they’ve done so in a humble and respectful manner. There’s a shared understanding and a shared sense of togetherness presented throughout the recording. Rather than this feeling like each singer showcasing their abilities, one by one, it feels like a moment of oneness – a group brought together for a genuine love of the music and of performing in this style.

As suggested earlier, the harmonies are stunning – interesting and uniquely put together. At the same time, each moment is performed flawlessly and is also accompanied with real heart and soul. It’s a pleasure to hear this song again after so long, especially when it’s been given such a light and lovely makeover. Well worth a listen, and once you’ve heard it – you’re likely to be on the lookout for even more from KC Sisters.

Visit the KC Sisters Website for more information.

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