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Kate Bishop From My Mom


This is quite simply one of the best songs to cross my path this year. Having heard just a little of Kate Bishop’s work before, this song offered a surprising step in a totally compelling and wonderful direction. The acoustic rawness of the track combined with this ongoing sense of rhythm and melodic development that it exercises gives it the immediately satisfying aura of a well crafted, interesting and poetically refreshing piece of music and writing.

Bishop extends her creative reach into the realms of a Regina Spektor inspired vibe with this single. The purity and cleverness of it fuse to make for something that leaves quite a gaping void of unwelcomed silence when it comes to an end. And all of this is perhaps before you even take on the depth and poignancy of the lyrics. I needed you the most when you had left being just one example of simple lines that strike an almighty chord. The personal touch seems so unfiltered here, this honesty and genuine expression, carefully scattered among the ambiance, is that which only a true artist can step up to present.

Even with the swagger and style of the music and the melody, within which certain moments – the higher ends of the hook, the sublime guitar work – really create a cool and rather infectious vibe; even with this, the song seeks to connect with the deepest parts of experience in an unpredictable and beautifully artistic way. The title and certain ideas within seem perfectly suited to the wider audience, yet the vast majority of the song leaves you longing for more details or naturally filling in the gaps yourself. This is what makes it so interesting, it’s far from your average, painfully obvious pop song with a clear agenda to tug on the heart strings – it’s an observational and questioning bit of truth; emerging almost like the relentless thought patterns we find ourselves trapped within during times of difficulty.

From My Mom is a brilliant song and is rightfully waiting at the top of our main playlist for the foreseeable future.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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