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Kasera The Door


Straight from the depths of human emotion and satisfying musicality alike, Kasera‘s return brings a brilliantly refreshing hit of engaging, near-meditative storytelling and self-empowerment.

From whispers of Gospel-choir melodies through hypnotic spoken word verses, natural rhythms and subtle electric guitar play, The Door keeps things creative yet humble, consistently reminding listeners of what’s possible when we lower the walls of genre in modern music.

While not quite reaching the three-minute mark, the song seems perfectly crafted in its journey from that immersive, catchy hook – ‘in my soul I know…’, through the softly rapped verses, to the resolve of that central sentiment once more.

Featuring hints of stylish reinforcement from melodic fragments to that recurring electric and its varying passion, the whole thing is faultlessly designed. Even the lyrics captivate and provoke deeper thought, not overloading but utilising only the most relevant and effective lines.

Organic and original, purposeful – The Door shines new light on the Kasera corner in a way that makes you keen to hear how things will pan out over the coming months.

An easy favourite track from this season so far, from any artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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