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Kasera Choices


Introducing a refreshingly classic take on purposeful, colourful yet soothing hip hop – Kasera elevates things to the next level creatively with an intriguing and ultimately profound Choices.

Stylishly weaving in a touch of Andre 3000 and a dash of the mellow verses of Faithless, the track unites a jazz-café calm with a vocal depth and story-line that hold attention right the way through.

Deeply personal yet compelling in its clear humanity, Choices feels all at once peaceful and intense as the music lulls and the artist crafts his story around you.

There’s a sense of rising anticipation as the lyrics pour through, every bar feeling fresh, humble yet uncertain, and always resolving with the quiet hum of a melodic interlude; an unexpected change in direction that furthers the creativity and identity of the whole thing.

Undoubtedly an act worth tuning in for, approaching music and hip hop with a devout intention and connection to the process, Kasera impresses and engages in the same instance. You can’t help but listen, drift off – the mind wanders, the body calms. Really nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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