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Kaseeno Muevelo Funky


Controversially one of the hottest Latin artists in Miami, Kaseeno kicks off the summer season with unquestionable rhythm and good vibes. While Muevelo Funky presents perhaps the most ever appearances of the work twerk in a song, it also offers an infectious bounce of a beat, and a high energy lust for life in general. The video and single combined undoubtedly make sure to warm things up ready for festival and beach season.

Kaseeno comes through as fusing the melodic and bright elements of mainstream pop with a notably more industrial and partly dance-hall like production style. The result is something that hits hard and utilizes a relentless pace with an equally intense build-up to the drop – all of which helps make this a quickly recognisable dance track; one that admittedly will work the hardest for you when played at volume.

A few fairly simple building blocks are all that’s needed to give this release character. That phrase Muevelo Funky makes sure to weave its way into your mind, as do these various flickers of horns and riffs that fire up intermittently throughout the track. The rhythm is great, and to be honest the various sections work well in crafting an easy-access anthem that fans of the genre will likely get hyped about each time it reappears.

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