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Kaden Frost Run From You


Paired acoustic guitars drive with equal parts exotic fingerstyle and pop-inspired chords, as Kaden Frost sets the foundation for a beautifully heartfelt, genre-fusing Run From You.

Featuring softly-spoken, intimate rap verses, Run From You employs strength of storytelling and personal reflection to ultimately guide us through a stripped-back and fearlessly vulnerable arrangement.

Rising up from the subtly increasing passion of the spoken verses, the song injects a notably evocative and higher-toned vocal melody and feature for its hook – a soulful resolve that magnifies the natural feelings and intentions of the writing.

As we fall back into the second verse, the intensity remains, a stronger delivery and humble volume reinforcing this shifting section of the story. All the while, there’s a vastly atmospheric mood to the set-up, but at the same time its an unplugged performance, by all accounts – with the exception of some meandering reverb during the final quarter. You can visualize and even feel the live experience taking place, and that talent meets well with the integrity and depth of the song itself.

Kaden Frost impresses and connects on a deeply-human level with this release. Unafraid to bridge the gap between styles or even just glide through the process with a sincere devotion to subject matter, Run From You speaks volumes on behalf of artistic authenticity. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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