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julianne Numb


“For those who are barely beathing or vivaciously alive.”

Songwriter, artist and producer julianne lights up the space in a brilliantly honest, revealing and compelling manner, with a stunningly powerful and deeply human dance-pop release.

Making haunting use of unique vocal manipulation, the song manages to skilfully walk the line between organically soulful and electronically euphoric.

The design is superb, finely balancing the relentlessness of that beat with the delicacy and space of the surrounding piano arrangement and fragmented vocal sentiments.

This quality grows and grows, the latter half delving into tribal layers of rhythm and production panning, for a wholly immersive, cinematic listen, which still maintains its humanity thanks to the passion and vulnerability of the voice.

After the success and embrace of Free, it was an easy choice to set aside some time for new music from julianne. In more ways than one though, Numb still far exceeds expectations, and at four minutes twenty-nine in length, the journey is loaded with unexpected twists – not least of all the humble saxophone outro for that closing-scene vibe.

Easily one of the best songs to release this month so far. Faultless production, attention to detail and time all utilised brilliantly, and then there’s that voice, the lyrical substance, and the evolving energy of the whole. Numb is a complete and captivating hit of escapism, which connects on a profoundly moving level.

Listen through high-quality speakers or headphones for the best effect.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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