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JSPH Reasons


JSPH has gone above and beyond with this single – creatively, emotionally, skillfully. Reasons is a song that pours through with a quickly satisfying, vintage groove to it, slowly accompanied by some subtle but carefully selected elements that gradually light up the room with the delicate relevancy.

The soundscape in itself is blissfully crafted here, this easy listening ambiance takes a few dashes of modern trip-hop and fuses it with a mellow swing from a simpler time. On top of this though is where the strength and the passion really start to shine. JSPH offers up a stunning vocal performance throughout the release. This reaches from the unbelievably gentle opening moments, those almost whispered declarations of intimate difficulty and emotional turmoil, right the way through to the harder hitting, louder moments, and those that take the form of a smooth and rather flawless stream of falsetto.

Whatever it is that JSPH has done here, however subtle, it’s worked. Essentially, the artist has reignited the fire of classic RnB, the lightness and energy, the rhythm, the natural feelings – nothing is forced, this is just the way the sound emerges; soaked in genuine soul and an inherent desire or need to make music from these experiences. The lyrics and the way they’re delivered – everything works in unison towards a shared goal or sentiment. There’s unquestionable honesty and openness, and this lets you feel so much closer to the creative, as well as making those who’ve gone through similar emotions feel a little less alone for a while.

Everything from the opening instrumentation to the artwork for this single refuses to scream out for attention. It’s subtle, humble, and charming in being so. A few simple chords accompany a stunning hook melody and some additional scatterings of vocals that light up the outer edges. Reasons is a gently addictive track with a brilliantly satisfying chorus, an easily valuable bit of modern music and an exciting single to consider if this is merely the beginning for JSPH.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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