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Joseph Rutakangwa The Sound of Great


Having debuted in 2020, and in the years since built up a unique repertoire of powerful, distinct and versatile singles, Joseph Rutakangwa returns to his roots somewhat this month, with the launch of the creatively unpredictable, poetic and inspiring single The Sound Of Great.

Noting motivational impact akin to We Are Despensible, only with a much more organic production – as opposed to the synth-loaded dance realm of the 2023 single – The Sound Of Great follows acoustic parameters and subtle strings, through a refreshingly spacious yet rhythmic arrangement.

All the while, Joseph’s unmistakable voice guides us, directly addresses us even, and works towards inciting a sense of possibility and self-empowerment. As this quality gathers momentum, the soundscape does too, and even changes gears entirely for the solo-piano and voice outro.

Just two minutes and twelve seconds in full, the cinematic and conceptual embrace of The Sound Of The Great is surprisingly mighty. It’s a strong groove, but there’s a minimalist energy to it, and this lays bare those intricate nuances of Joseph’s voice and songwriting in a whole new way.

Boasting over a million plays across nearly two-dozen original singles, LA-based Joseph Rutakangwa has carved out an impressive niche within modern music, the likes of Avani and I Am Meant For you building further upon a naturally distinct and evocative style.

For the new release, Joseph returns to the poetic reflections and optimism of his earliest work, and in the process gifts listeners a feeling of positivity, self-belief, and lasting calm. In short, it’s fair to say that Joseph Rutakangwa is a creatively-free independent worth knowing about this year. Watch this space.

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