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Joseph Rutakangwa We Are Dispensable


Nostalgic dance-pop flavours and an unmistakable vocal identity guide us into this melodic and thought-provoking single from Joseph Rutakangwa.

Balancing a classic dance background of dreamy, euphoric synths and relentless yet subtle rhythms, with an emotive, shaky vocal of integrity and character, We Are Dispensable makes its hook the central strength of its progression – looping this sentiment consistently, alongside the repeating musicality, throughout the entire two-minute thirty-nine mix.

Underneath this, a simple four-chord pattern feels familiar and optimistic, contrasting the topic of being temporary and replaceable with a notably uplifting mood that continues to engage with the listener.

Elsewhere we get fragments of verse lyrics shining a little more light on the concept, inspiring a sense of presence and living for the moment, again raising the mood with optimism and positive influence. Ultimately though, it’s the hook and title-idea that linger after listening, and in attempting to represent this idea in an impactful manner, Joseph has undoubtedly achieved his goal.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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