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Joseph Rutakangwa I Am Meant For You


Taking the writing of love songs back to the bare essentials, Joseph Rutakangwa simplifies with poetry and piano-led warmth, throughout the celebratory and intimate I Am Meant For You.

Openly reflecting upon the strength of a relationship built to last, I Am Meant For You begins with familiar references to ‘You are my fire, my only desire’, and later evolves through more personal anecdotes regarding starting a family, kindness, protection and growing old together.

“Life makes sense with you, your kindness heals my heart”

In a sense, Joseph Rutakangwa draws from a plethora of romantic pools with this single, but on the musical front he makes sure to showcase a distinct style in both vocal presence and production, which helps light up a new approach to the classic love song.

Retro rhythmic hi-hats and repeating piano loops meet with these melodic short lines throughout the new single, creating a colorful and excited vibe maintained within a comforting and mellow overall tone. The result is a song that’s naturally evocative, uplifting, and easily recognizable.

Joseph Rutakangwa’s repertoire is growing at pace lately, the likes of We Are Dispensible and Kia wracking up hundreds of thousands of streams, and meanwhile drawing focus to this dance-pop production thread and these unmistakable, heartfelt and endearing vocals.

Almost always the songwriting leads with a sense of poetry and possibility. Consider the upbeat energy and brightness of Let It Be Us (Remix), again inspiring kindness, oneness and optimism.

However, far from confined to a single style, the likes of F The Music also lays bare a stripped-back rhythm and angsty vocal, which loops out with far more grit and a ‘f*ck the world’ sentiment – ultimately reinforcing the unpredictable aspect of Joseph’s artistry.

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