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Joe Radio Guess I’m a Rapper Now


Joe Radio returns with that quickly recognisable, carefree kind of spoken word style that tips its hat to the simple days of nineties, TV-ready hip hop. Guess I’m a Rapper Now is everything its title promises and then some.

Joe’s voice has an air of personality that’s easy to pinpoint, so even with the heavy bass-line and the classic, cool little riff that runs throughout this new track, the voice keeps things rooted amidst his sound. The lyrics too, work in favour of this clear sense of identity.

With equal parts humour and poetry, Guess I’m a Rapper Now breathes further life into the Joe Radio persona, and its lyrics hold attention well thanks to the detail, the relevance, and the way it so effortlessly follows up the equally focused Big Dreams.

Musically catchy and with an anthem of a hook that feels somewhat timeless in its presence, Guess I’m a Rapper Now works perfectly as it is – authentic yet slightly tongue in cheek, confident and colourful, and, as always, true to the artist and character behind it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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