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Jiwon Drop Top / So Sad


Two original singles showcase the creative freedom and contemporary vocal stylings of Jiwon with colour and confidence.

Drop Top is the first, raw and somewhat detuned ukulele and organic rhythms guide us into an ultimately heavy and warm bass-drop and soundscape, complete with electro-pop vocals soaked in effects.

At first the song is one thing, suddenly it’s not, and soon we get the simple rap verses and references for that clear modern connection.

Refreshingly fearless in set-up, blending what could seem like mistakes with a definitively professional, faultless manner of production, Drop Top is a catchy pop-hip-hop tune at its core, with just enough carefree alternative swagger and structural freedom to reach out in a new way.

So Sad features a few similar traits of identity from Jiwon, but as per the implications of its title, we’re gifted a more contemplative, melancholic realm for the story.

Voices appear familiar, that bass-heavy presence kicks in with the same thread of volume. The rap verse blends in melody though, a subtle rasp to the tone injecting appropriate emotion, and the track soon evolves into a more colourful outpouring despite its passionate undertone.

The lyrics resolve towards this idea of not being alone, and there’s power in that when considered alongside the comforting embrace of the soundscape and performance.

Forever marching to the beat of his own creative drum, Jiwon has a style and holds close to it, keeping things interesting yet effective in every case.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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