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Jerry Pines Heaven


Following on from the single release of Heaven, the five-track EP of the same name from Jerry Pines promises more of that full-band optimism and storytelling, with a range of moods and scenes uniting for an eclectic yet well-rooted project.

The unmistakable imagery and upbeat energy of Heaven starts things off, followed by the more reflective groove and intimate sentiments of Sarah, What’s It Gonna Be? Here we delve into a thought-provoking realm, references to loneliness and connection feeling both deeply personal yet broadly accessible.

After this, Dark Circles injects an absolute anthem of country-folk swagger and sentiment. Absolutely a highlight, the fullness of the arrangement and the vulnerability and poetry of the lyrics blend beautifully. Weave in a long-form yet satisfying melodic progression, and the track continues to dream big and subsequently take the listener with it to these heights of escapism. A personal favourite.

Creativity takes the reigns for Joe McCarthy Died Alone, intriguing from the outset and offering a classic country shuffle and pace that contrasts the darkness of the story with a clear hope and positivity of instrumentation. It’s a heartbreaking yet unavoidably catchy track, and again draws focus to the subtle yet striking alternative sides of Jerry Pines.

Things mellow back down for the distance and ambition of Carolina Wren, a familiar Americana vibe that really suits the smooth and raspy juxtaposed tones of Jerry’s voice. Additional vocals add a level of choir-like warmth as things builds, and quickly invite interest in the live performance.

Short yet incredibly impressive and a joy to let play at volume, the Heaven EP speaks out on behalf of hard-working artists who devote themselves to the craft and the freedom of writing above all else. An easy must for the summer ahead.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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