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Jerry Pines Heaven


Introducing a heartfelt single of familiarity and freshness intertwined, Jerry Pines’ new release Heaven closes in on the concept of seeking salvation amidst the pleasures and connections of a life.

For over a decade now Jerry Pines has graced the stages of the folk-rock scene with his uniquely expressive, poetic and catchy originals, and the new song highlights and indeed celebrates this experience and devotion in a memorable way.

Featuring classic country bends and uplifting Americana rhythms, Heaven weaves in an accessible, comforting melody, and showcases Jerry’s naturally genuine vocal lead in a relatable, likeable manner.

‘Heaven is a place where the good times last forever…’

Relaying a perspective of heaven in a way that feels relevant to all, the single pours through with a joyous air of possibility, free from concern and imparting that same state of being upon all who listen; thanks to the colour and bounce of the music.

Brought to life with a plethora of renowned LA musicians, the completed release makes for a timeless anthem of shared appreciation for the moment. A fine songwriter and a lasting testament to the escapism and unity promised by music.

Single out March 15th. Check out Jerry Pines on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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