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Introducing an impressively eclectic debut, rooted amidst equal parts professionalism and passion – Jay Horn delivers a sultry and world-infused album, for Grown Folk Music.

Organic tribal rhythms and smooth keys back up a classic yet mellow rap flow, as I Feel Like starts off the journey on a blissfully gentle, good vibes level.

Infectiously optimistic and easy to relax to, the track employs a multi-layered soundscape but does so in a nostalgically stripped-back, simple fashion. The result is a sort of retro RnB meets World Music fusion of qualities – with a stylish hook resolve and humble outbursts of emotion along the way.

Notably music for grown folks more so than any type of unplugged folk music, the project celebrates freedom of expression both lyrically and instrumentally. Consider the switch to conceptual depth, difficulty, and euphoric synths for a spoken-word and questioning Autistic Dad.

Suddenly the revealing nature of the writing meets with the addictive flow and rhythm underneath, maintaining a recognizable identity but also making sure to connect and ultimately bridge that gap between artist and listener.

Heartbreak and uncertainty are often juxtaposed by hopeful melodies and production throughout Grown Folk Music. Increasingly this approach grips the audience, proving both intriguing and musically satisfying all at once. Some ideas are hard to stomach, perhaps more real than you might expect, but there’s almost always value in honesty and discussion.

Other highlights from the album include the big-band vibes and lower-toned voice of Soulmate, the originality and freestyle presence of The Grind, the dreamy and openly reflective Long Time, and the unexpectedly stripped-back, intimate and almost melancholic I Keep That Thang.

This laid-back calmness continues through Highsiding, and meets with an old-school gangster rap tone and contrasting RnB hook for I’m So Proud Of Me – before the production sound-play and poetic imagery of Blue Light draws focus to yet another side of Jay Horn.

Nine original tracks plus a bonus instrumental version of one to further illuminate how important the musicality of this project is in addition to the lyrical and vocal guidance, Grown Folk Music is refreshingly unique. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes Jay Horn in the coming years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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