James Robinson - Azul Sky - Stereo Stickman

James Robinson Azul Sky


Melodically infectious and with a strong, exotic groove to match – James Robinson blends the sheer skill of acoustic fingerstyle, with the enchanting appeal of uplifting, memorable pop, throughout this smooth world-music fusion Azul Sky.

Coming in at just two minutes fifty-three, Azul Sky manages to master the space within which it plays – providing everything from the Celtic breakdown to the fast-paced solo rises and the mellow, reflective calm in between.

At every moment, James’ ability and passion as a guitarist prove unquestionable, naturally urging you to seek out a live performance. In the same instance, Azul Sky works beautifully as the music fan’s go to – an injection of warmth, energy, possibility and motivation, whenever you need it. Simply turn up the volume and escape into the sound.

Good vibes and devoted emotional presence guide us through, and meanwhile the impossibly relentless quickness of the playing lures you in just as much so, for its stylish soft-rock sentiments and hypnotic Spanish flavours.

Really nicely done, undoubtedly an artist worthy of your time this year – check out the genre-blending album New Beginnings in full and fall into the freedom and juxtaposed precision of the music in awe.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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