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James Keen Falling or Flying (Official Video)


One of the UK’s most consistent and sharp songwriters, James Keen – widely known as front-man for the distinguished Magazine Gap – wraps up the year with an enchanting and empowering single.

Offering a laid-back structure for that natural connection, acoustic guitars and keys underneath a provocative and inspiring lyrical landscape, Falling or Flying is the fourth single from the album Crossover, and utilizes metaphorical imagery to explore the theme of confronting and overcoming anxiety.

Vocally expressive, with that recognizable tone falling somewhere between the likes of James Blunt and Tracy Chapman, James Keen’s songwriting and performance-style are unmistakable throughout the repertoire of both Magazine Gap and his recent release Crossover. Falling or Flying accentuates that quality, leading with professionalism and poetry, and connecting for the accessible intrigue and depth of the lyrics and the simple satisfaction of the melody.

The song is beautifully crafted, as ever, and gathers increasing passion as we build towards a humble but well-placed guitar solo. The structure is easy-going, four-to-the-floor patterns and a simple rise-and-fall progression that’s quickly memorable.

In short, Falling or Flying is a mildly intoxicating ear-worm, with that clever meeting of melancholy and optimism allowing it to feel deeply moving and uniquely relatable for each individual listener.

Pure and precise, compelling in an honest and enjoyable way – everything about James Keen’s music feels authentic and engaging. It’s likable, timeless songwriting, with just enough of a distinct sense of character to warrant the rightful expansion of audience currently taking place.

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