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Jalen McMillan Jalen McMillan’s Greatest Hits


Following the success of Cash Talk and a series of impressive singles, artist and rapper Jalen McMillan emerges with a full-length project of originals that further cement his role as one of 2020’s hardest working, fast-rising new figures.

An early career move but a notably relevant one, Jalen McMillan’s Greatest Hits is a project that does indeed bring together thirteen of his very best tracks yet. From the quickly anthem-like, bass-heavy and distorted angst of Air Max 95, through the fast bars and dreamlike delicacy of Azz Back, the album starts off as it means to go on.

McMillan’s vocal tone, this laid-back yet confident delivery and manner of story-telling, is decidedly familiar; recognisable, unique to his work. Furthermore, the details on offer here, the personal insight and the honesty, suit the considerate, ambient escapism of most of the soundscapes. You get as many moments of quiet contemplation as you do anthemic, energizing colour and optimism – Like You being an upbeat example of the latter.

McMillan observes the world, listens to the voices of those around him, and interprets it in a uniquely artistic yet stylish, contemporary fashion. These are hip hop hits for the modern listener, and the album in full makes for an eclectic yet welcoming, calming playlist of fresh expression and finely crafted vibes.

Find & follow Jalen McMillan on Instagram & Facebook or visit his Website.  Check out our Hip Hop – The Re:Awakening Playlist for more of the best indie hip hop.

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