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Jalen McMillan Cash Talk


Jalen McMillan showcases a mellow, quiet confidence and attitude on this latest release.

Riding alongside the strength of a decidedly unique beat – a spacious soundscape, heavy and bass-thick yet intermittently rhythmic and detailed in a manner that speaks volumes on behalf of individuality – McMillan’s vocal emerges as refreshingly clean-cut, up front and bold even in its near-whispered state.

Furthermore, his flow switches up at the half-way mark, showcasing a level of versatility, which effectively changes the energy of the track – without affecting the actual pace or weight of the soundscape. It’s a clever creative choice, and it helps keep things entertaining right the way through.

Conceptually there’s a sense of self-confidence intertwined with cultural references, all of which feeds into this contemporary, relevant aura that McMillan drives with. At the same time, one or two bars make sure to bring in a little personality and truth regarding the artist’s own journey – something that’s likely to shine through a little more-so with each new release.

For now though, Cash Talk adopts the role of the anthem – the go-to hip hop track designed to energize and motivate, and for this it works well. The track has already amassed over a million plays on Soundcloud, and things don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

Find & follow Jalen McMillan on Instagram & Facebook or visit his Website. Check out our Hip Hop – The Re:Awakening Playlist for more of the best indie hip hop.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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