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Introducing his brand new album by way of a handful of uplifting singles, Jacob Chacko creates a natural buzz for the incoming project Much Sublime.

Releasing its debut single on May 5th, Much Sublime rains down onto the scene by way of the mellow and heartfelt City With Lights On.

Featuring unique production of electronic rhythms and organic guitars, dreamy vocals emerge drenched in reverb, to openly and poetic pay tribute to city life during recovery from the global pandemic.

Ethereal yet lyrically focused, City With Lights On showcases a new side of the Jacob Chacko artistic approach, offering a smooth groove and devoting itself to the hard-working and courageous front-line responders of that time. The single is unexpectedly emotive, hopeful yet heartbreaking all at once, and builds up a notable sense of intrigue regarding the depths of the album to follow.

Eclectic as ever, Jacob follows this gentle introduction with the pop-rock positivity and reflective sentiments of Back For More. Here we delve into creative and colourful riffs and rhythms, with short lines and catchy licks. The topic shifts towards that of personal change – growing up, finding your voice and developing an unshakable level of confidence and integrity.

Despite the versatility between songs, the vocal sound and mixing all undoubtedly prove recognisable as Jacob Chacko – threads that promise to unite all of the 11 songs anticipated for the Much Sublime album.

Back For More will release 8 weeks after City With Lights On, and both singles will appear with an accompanying set of visuals to further connect.

Find Jacob Chacko on Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & his Website.

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