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J. Ev Aurora


Despite the well-known suggestion of never judging a book by its cover, it’s always an added pleasure when the artwork for a new track appropriately reflects what you’ll get when you listen. In this case, the delicacy and brightness of the single’s artwork beautifully prepares you for the delicacy and brightness that will pour through audibly. At the same time, that strong presence of contrast between the green and the blue – this is found within Aurora as well; less so between colours of course, more between the various moments that make up the three minute experience.

J. Ev has a certain way with music production that really utilises time. That is to say, this is an ambient, atmospheric piece of immersive escapism, and every detail has been thoughtfully incorporated so as to build precisely that sort of soundscape around you. At the same time, the music is multi-layered, expressive, cinematic to an extent – rather than simply calming you, it offers plenty in the way of complexity and scattered elements that hold tight to your attention.

As you make your way through the single, it feels as if your gliding through some other realm of pure energy and movement. Certain sounds feel like waves passing over, others feel like your own footsteps running beneath you. In every instance, something new steps up into the spotlight – the soundscape never falls into the trap of complacency, and that’s a rare thing. The skill that has gone into this is one thing, the creativity and connection to the music, emotionally, are something else entirely.

Aurora has an addictively peaceful and inspiring ‘aura’ about it (for lack of a more relevant word). It’s consistently interesting, and it lets your mind wander so far from your current reality. I’ll be checking out the entire J. Ev catalogue as a follow up and I highly recommend you do the same if this sounds like the sort of music you’ve been searching for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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