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Ivent Horizon Star Walkin’


Stunning composition and performances unite to powerful results, as Ivent Horizon bring together strength of writing, delivery and production, for the vastly immersive, genre-fusing Star Walkin’.

Making fine use of equal parts melody, distortion, reflection and explosive weight, Star Walkin’ introduces a finely-honed style of musicality and arrangement, and hits with immense impact thanks to the clear connection between our leading artist and the topic at hand.

It’s this emotional integrity that drives things, and the surrounding soundscape has been finely crafted so as to really shine brightly when elevated by that deeply human energy.

What’s particularly nostalgic and likeable is the sound of the lead vocal during the final verse – a certain passionate rasp and peak is achieved, the emotion taking hold entirely, and the tone quite suddenly proves reminiscent of the late and great Chester Bennington. This overall fusion of genres also tips its hat to the fearless unifying of hip hop and rock that was Linkin Park on the whole.

It’s a refreshing twist on the current scene, with a welcomed hint of historical influence that’s comforting to escape amidst. Ivent Horizon’s Star Walkin’, however, promises a fiercely original sense of story-telling and imagery, and the superb guitar solo for the finish tops its off brilliantly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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