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Isabel and The Whispers Dot To Dot


Celebrating ten years since its original release, Isabel and The Whispers (with Alec Menge on drums and Octavio Padron on guitar) re-capture the depth and creativity of their single Dot To Dot, and release it complete with a fresh set of visuals crafted in honour of the celebration.

Leading with a simple, piano-led chord progression, and a few additional soundscape details, Dot To Dot keeps the audience focused on the meandering, rising melody of the voice, and the poetic yet deeply personal nature of the lyrics penned by Isabel.

Always the words resolve back to this title, this image, and it becomes a clear calling card or recognisable trait of the song – along with the delicate yet striking nature of Isabel’s voice.

Offering long-form verses that precede the resolve of the hook, Dot To Dot manages to balance minimalism and identity in a memorable way. The lyrics utilise metaphor and beautifully descriptive writing to pay tribute to the love of a significant other – references to constellations, the contours of the face, the power of closeness.

The new video also delivers a series of images aptly relating to intimacy, oneness, and the natural world intermittently, furthering the song’s hypnotic embrace as it moves along.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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