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InGoodCompany Vacaciones


From Latin flavours to Reggaeton and industrial rhythms, Vacaciones is a collaborative EP delivering three uniquely creative, entrancing and colourful tracks to see you through lockdown with alternative good vibes.

Aréna kicks things off and quickly evolves from simple rhythms to hypnotic, explicitly unpredictable loops of vocals and samples galore. Offering an infectious dance vibe, feeling like the late night / early morning moments at the club or festival, when conversation has failed but there’s plenty left to move for, the track introduces the project with style and originality.

This sense of identity stands tall throughout, and while the EP is surprisingly eclectic, it holds close to these inherent, creatively interesting values.

CoCo follows on and immediately makes sense within the context of the EP – though it’s far from similar in terms of the detail and layers at play. That industrial, heavy energy remains, along with a cleverly complex presence of structure and evolution. There’s also a tribal-like, anthemic aura to certain moments. Then at other times you get this exotic, smooth and entrancing loop of reflective warmth. A brilliant track, uplifting and energising, and once again decidedly original – a difficult thing to master these days.

Palmera keeps the beach-side good vibes at the forefront and veers off into its own fast-paced realm of hallucinogenic sound design, seeing multiple layers of rhythm and colour, various instruments and intricate details, rain down around the listener. Another brilliant track, yet again increasingly original, jam-packed with individuality, offering a superb hit of escapism that’s unlike anything else you’re likely to stumble upon this month.

Defiantly an electronic project at the top of its game, creatively and professionally. A refreshing listen, well worth the time it takes to experience.

EP Out April 3rd. Find & follow InGoodCompany on Twitter & Instagram, or check out Radical One (Tw/IG) & RillaForce (Tw/IG).

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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