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Illusionaut The New Body Electric


Dreamy yet intense arena-rock pours through for the heavy and hypnotic sound of Illusionaut.

Freshly released from the 2021 album The New Body Electric, We Never Sleep proves an enchanting progression of cascading guitars, crisp rhythms and reverb-drenched vocals, before the introduction of a heavy-metal descending riff and lighter contrasting vocal hook to completely redirect things.

Ultimately at one with their own creative freedom, Illusionaut follow the pathway of expression based on each idea or feeling. As such, every song offers equal parts nostalgia and unpredictability.

Through The Trees makes for a fine example of how versatile Illusionaut showcase themselves to be on this project. Here we get a classic indie rock song, emotive and delicate yet gritty on the musical side, something like shoegaze and Britpop skilfully intertwined – perhaps The Smiths or The Stone Roses with an edge of Arctic Monkeys for intensity. Once again, deeply poetic, alluring lyrics intrigue and provoke thought, and once more the chorus veers off unexpectedly; this time towards a darker, more haunting corner.

Consider then the pace and subtle brightness of an aptly-titled Wake Up, towing the line between positivity and melancholy, with passionate vocals at a much higher end of the melodic spectrum for a truly eclectic switch of gears. This one undoubtedly serves its purpose and lives up to the implications of its name with precision and mood.

All in all this album delivers a profound hit of escapism that’s all at once refreshing and deeply reminiscent of a simpler era. Illusionaut represent their name well, creating these audio illusions that provoke deeper consideration, resulting in a journey that’s likely to be unique for each listener. Hopefully there are plenty of live shows to follow.

Check out Illusionaut via the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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