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illtronics Abstract


Creative originality and audience awareness walk hand in hand – a song designed by a professional but with a clearly passionate ear for melodies and progressions that connect on a broader level.

illtronics is the songwriter and artist behind the electro-pop earworm Abstract, a cascading array of synths and an indie pop melody paving the way with appeal towards a beautifully simple yet unforgettable hook resolve.

From likable to intensely infectious, Abstract not only features sublime production and contrastingly humble, relatable indie vocals, but also offers the beauty of a minimalist and original hook. The line ‘slip away’ is repeated to a notably more melancholic tune; it’s a slight redirection from the norm, it’s an earworm, and it rounds of the long-form poetic journey in a masterful way.

Conceptually deep and provocative by nature, there’s more to love about Abstract with each re-listen. The production and melody create a shoulder-swaying groove that’s a pleasure to let play, but then on closer inspection, the lyrics prompt you to become inescapably aware of the fragility of life and the inevitable passing of time.

illtronics has made something special with this. Hopefully there’s more music to follow.

Find illtronics on Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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