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idkanymore Consequences


The long-awaited release from this meeting between LUURK & Nicklaus Grassett is finally here – idkanymore offer up their debut single Consequences, and somehow it manages to surpass all expectations.

Consequences is a smooth yet dark RnB track with an indie edge and some superb production. The writing and melody stand the tallest initially – as observes the ear of the mainstream; we pick up on the beat and the voice, the things we can quickly relate to. As you get into it though, the various intricacies and details that give it a genuine air of originality all start to shine a little more brightly. Grassett and LUURK alike bring an expressive and professional approach to the project, and the music is all the more immersive as a result.

Coming in at just two minutes and thirty four seconds, Consequences is over and done before you know it – at the same time though, it feels like something much bigger. The various building blocks within include distorted and soulful flickers of guitar, reflective and honest lyricism, delicate yet passionate vocals, and some subtle yet mighty instrumental drops that help bring that melody and the concept home with all the more impact.

The main line and its melody spin around in your head after hearing the track even just once, but this is not in some kind of ear-worm, intrusive pop manner. The track actually falls somewhere between the likes of The Weeknd and a few of the grittier trip-hop producers from the past couple of decades. Essentially, it’s a sound of their own – they’ve managed to crack this with one single, and the songwriting fortunately hits the mark with ease as well.

An easy piece to get lost within and to play on repeat – as is the way of the music addict. I look forward to hearing the longer project.

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