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Icon MagikMane With Money (Feat. Luni Imfamous)


Icon MagikMane and Luni Imfamous are back on it with the collaborations. With Money is a smooth and musically varied track that reaches both the high and low end of the spectrum, with a haunting top synth and a mellow bass line and beat or click that really lays the ambiance well.

The mood of this one is perfect for the lyricism and vocal styles that play out within. The ambiance has a distant and slightly melancholy feel, but it’s also quite hopeful and dreamlike at the same time. That leading riff actually has a familiarity or film-like, magnetic quality that really draws you in. Alongside of this, the artists present mellow voices, partly melodic and almost whispered on occasion. The sound has a delicately chaotic feel to, there’s a lot going on, but it arrives in a soothing and calming way, which is pretty unusual.

I’m a big fan of this track, the story telling gets to you after a while and so you realise there’s everything here that you might need. The mood or vibe of the music is hypnotic, mesmerising throughout, and the voices feed into that haunting element but not in an overwhelming or unpleasant way. Structurally the story telling is heightened as well, showing a true awareness of musicality and how to keep things colourful and interesting.

There’s a lot of emotion involved in this one and because of this unusual meeting of the peaceful and the high energy, you really get pulled into the centre of the feeling. The soundscape and the vocal performances evolve fairly consistently and it leads you through an uncommon and ultimately very memorable experience. It definitely stands out from a lot of the underground hip hop that is currently making waves online.

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Rebecca Cullen

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