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Iamkingziion London Times (Feat. Leslie Carron)


It’s always good to hear the homelands getting some love in music. The UK’s capital doesn’t get too many references these days, Iamkingziion’s here to change that though. London Times is a piece that exclusively expresses the artist’s love for the city that bred him. It does so in a lightly colorful way, showcasing a unique vocal sound and flow, as well as a musically creative and unexpectedly gentle backdrop that helps give it a widely accessible feel.

The song’s hook features the vocals of Leslie Carron and offers a moment of melody that breaks up the pace of the verses and introduces a layer of lightness that fits beautifully among the surrounding instrumentation. The contrast between this and kingziion’s own moments of performance helps give the track an alt-pop vibe that works to hold close to your attention throughout.

At almost six minutes long, you feel the length of the track in some respects, but also – you really get to familiarise yourself with that hook and that dreamlike, ambient backdrop; as well as with the king himself and all that he seeks to represent. This trip-hop inspired soundscape is actually the sort that works well for extended lengths of time, so as the fade-out towards the finish line begins, you lose yourself among the audio. At the same time, the various verses outline the humanity of it all – what it is about London, where the love stems from. All of this pours through in a subtle way, not using sheer volume or quirks to draw an audience, just speaking and performing from the heart. Iamkingziion has represented the city under a positive light here, and that’s something we need more and more of.

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