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I Want Poetry Chandler


Fresh from the brand new album Human Touch, I Want Poetry‘s single Chandler brings back the aptly poetic story-telling and artistic delicacy of the band in a beautifully hypnotic way.

A quickly captivating tale, Chandler sets the scene detail by detail, the nearly whispered vocal leading the way amidst a simple, spacious backdrop and a dreamlike wash of reverb.

Soon we’re welcomed to a new story, a new character, and slowly but surely these reflections on life and the perspectives we hold become strikingly relevant and incredibly easy to connect with. And throughout it all, the words that linger and echo through the room, seem all the more powerful; particularly in times of turmoil such as much of this past year has seen…

‘There’s no such thing as being too sensitive…’

Chandler is an incredibly compelling single, one that grows all the more enticing and emotive as it makes its way through various stages. Always we resolve back to this structural melodic pattern, yet the intricacies vary, swaying to and fro between deeply personal story-telling and aspects of life that relate to us all.

The music rises up to a passionate degree during the latter half, in turn heightening the emotion and soul in the leading voice and indeed the concept.

Stunning, in short – a completely unique take on contemporary songwriting and performance, with a level of theatre and imaginative art that proves distinctly gripping, and increasingly likeable with each revisit to the song.

Album & single out November 20th. Check out I Want Poetry on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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