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I WANT POETRY aim high and hit the mark with this sensational new single Islanders. Mellow beginnings soon evolve into a brighter, more powerful latter half, the whole thing proving increasingly impressive, engaging, and memorable.

So what are the building blocks for this kind of success? A simple piano part repeating, a heavy yet muffled or distant drum-line, consistent and spacious, a wash of equally distant soundscape and voices; nature, cinematic details. Then we get the vocal-line, up front and intimate, powerful as it progresses, feeling a little Kate Bush-like during the hook; this long-form melody and resolve also tips its hat in that direction.

When the hook strikes, the entire soundscape explodes into life, and we’re swept away on this passionate moment of volume and depth and intention. Really though, it’s only during the latter half that the lyrics start to really draw you in, prompting you to piece together the parts of this puzzle.

we have been told
it’s no use getting old
and we carry all the parts
carry all the parts to last here

By the time the chorus hits for a second time, we’re kind of in Florence and the Machine territory, the song feeling all at once anthemic, energizing, and beautifully immersive ambiance-wise. A live performance would likely be something quite breathtaking to witness. The final quarter in particular sees every layer come together for this immense outro of raw tribal energy and sci-fi-soaked synths combined. By now, the hook line is familiar, recognizable – and suddenly we’re involved.

Brilliant, a song that progresses from good to great throughout its near five-minute lifespan, and provokes thought in a poetically refreshing way.

Single out Friday July 10th. Find & follow I WANT POETRY on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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