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I Am Senti Not With Me


London’s I Am Senti drives with style and passion on this smooth yet addictive new dance-pop track Not With Me. Coming through complete with three alternative mixes, the single marks a huge leap forward for the artist – offering music fans the infectious energy and escapism of a well-crafted and thoughtful banger that’s easy to be swept away by.

Taking her name from the very word that rings true in this music, sentimental is just one of several values that help make this track shine. While the soundscape itself is loaded with colourful riffs and moments that linger in your mind after listening, the songwriting underneath this stands tall for its personal and considerate nature. The artist questions a significant other in a series of intimate and revealing lines that have been written in a cleverly accessible manner – it feels very genuine, gritty and confident, while still a little uncertain and subsequently very human. At the same time, the details don’t overload the listener – this can easily be the sort of unique experience for its audience that any classic song tends to be. You make it your own, the verses lay out the foundation for the concept, and that hook rightfully resolves and satisfies in a brilliantly compelling way.

It’s subtle but incredibly effective – you walk away with the whole thing spinning around in your mind. As well as being an easy dance-floor smash hit, the track gives those lost in thoughts of past relationships something to connect to and feel better about.

The alternative mixes that come with the release make it all the more easy to choose the perfect version of the track for whatever time of night you need it. In any case, that build up and drop to the hook is immense – an absolute must for pop and EDM fans far and wide. A hint of nostalgia helps give this a soulful edge that’s a pleasure to stumble upon. Expect big things from I Am Senti in the near future.

Check out the full four-mix release on Spotify. Find & follow I Am Senti on Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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