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Hugo Brijs Creeper


Chemically infectious as a classic indie anthem, established London songwriter Hugo Brijs gets the combination of elements just right, for the unforgettable new single Creeper.

Pouring through with the organic weight and melodic prowess of an instant all-together-now hit, Creeper goes on to balance its big-beat vibe and catchy riffs with a choir of voices and a cleverly intriguing subject matter.

On the one hand, we get this festival-ready indie expression of joy and celebration, and on the other we get an imagery-laden story and a set of scenes that fascinate in a refreshingly original way. That balance works beautifully, Creeper introducing the genre-fusing artistry of Hugo Brijs in a powerful fashion, whilst delivering a simple earworm of a tune that feels genuinely new but also timeless in its soul-rock essence and cinematic detailing.

The story of Creeper has purpose and consistency, nostalgically relaying the tale of a femme-fatale gangster – walking into a bar, partaking in a game of poker, and in the process winning the heart of her opponent. There are intricacies and intimate nuances as well as a more vastly relatable ache to this lyrical journey, and that meets perfectly well with the boldly anthemic, big-band energy of the performance.

Expect to hear plenty more of this one over the coming weeks.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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