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Hotfeet No Hugs


Aiming high with precisely the contemporary tones of hip hop and RnB that have been making waves lately, Hotfeet emerges with a series of singles and projects that speak volumes on behalf of crisp, clean production and easy-going melodies.

Stylishly walking the line between melody and rap, No Hugs is a stand-out single from the young artist, a track that follows a hip hop beat and a mildly dance-hall, beach-side riff section, seeing a story of the complicated side of love at war with that which purely seeks a little fun.

Coming in at barely past the two-minute-mark, No Hugs subtly raises the energy of the room before coming to a quick and dissatisfying finish – likely having the effect of making people skip back to the start almost immediately. It’s an effective way to write, and it’s a trait that shines throughout Hotfeet’s releases to date.

Other than his vocal style – his tone being admittedly unique, bringing a Jamie T style layer of character alongside of a rhythmically varied flow and a hard hit of American rap – the musical aspects of Hotfeet’s releases are fairly eclectic.

Don’t Get Me Started sees the rapper venture off towards far more of a heavy angle, a haunting beat accompanies a more aggressive and outwardly confident, high energy rap flow, which showcases a whole other side to the artist, but still manages to hold close to that recognizable vocal tone and the manner in which he shapes his bars.

Also coming to light recently, Keep Your Hoe kind of fuses the styles of both of the other singles. A heavy hip hop beat with a mixed up rhythm appeals from the offset, then you get a fairly spacious set-up – a tropical yet dark sounding riff, and purely the lead vocal and a few scattered additional voices in the outskirts. This feels like a highlight on occasion, not as memorable as No Hugs but offering a string of clever raps and a clean-cut vocal that outright declares the rapper’s abilities and his desire to embrace the game and rise up to the top. It’s a catchy piece, more-so the further along it progresses.

Undoubtedly an artist worth looking out for. Professionally crafted, contemporary tracks, but with an edge of modern angst and personality that’s a little more refreshing than most.

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Rebecca Cullen

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