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Hideotronic Behold the Hunted (feat. Miki)


Hideotronic throws us an absolute curve-ball with this release, taking that unmistakable sound to the next level with a brilliantly energizing, vibrant and quickly memorable new soundscape.

Featuring the unique vocal talents of Miki, Behold The Hunted is stunning, a sensational new release with a musical prowess and blissful intensity that seems light-years ahead of anything prior.

Venturing stylishly out in to the worlds of sci-fi and EDM alike, this single drives with a powerful wash of synth riffs, distinctive melodies, infectious build-ups, and addictive long-form looping fragments – all of which helps really weave something mighty around listeners.

That leading riff transcends with ease, sinking in amidst the rhythm and emotion of the song, feeling like the infamous trait of some ground-breaking new movie. Then you get flickers of electric guitar, the contrasting delicacy of the voice, the exotic appeal of the Japanese language, and meanwhile – that renowned eighties drum-line continues to keep the body in tune with the beat.

The visuals Ethan has chosen for this release help set the scene brilliantly. However, the song itself is just as effective as this go-to, turn-it-up-loud hit of escapism and energy whenever you need it.

Bringing together the best of his abilities as a producer and composer, with that definitive sense of identity that runs throughout his synth and sound choices on the whole, Behold The Hunted is superb. A personal favourite so far, and a definite highlight amidst indie releases this quarter. Amidst all releases, in fact. Decent headphones recommended for the full experience.

We won’t bow to them tonight,
We will fight until we die,
Raise your fist into the sky

Grab the single via Bandcamp. Find & follow Hideotronic on Facebook & Instagram. Check out Miki via Soundcloud.

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