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Hideotronic Android


Ethan Wood’s re-brand as the project Hideotronic emerges this season with a gorgeously smooth, dreamlike and cinematic new piece of music, which sees him step only slightly away from the classic style – not so much so that it doesn’t fit the catalogue we know and love him for.

There’s a depth of songwriting here that seems to tie in well with the heartfelt and emotive nature of soundscape and melody. In a strange way, the 80s style takes something of a back-seat as the songwriting and the general mood overwhelm. For all of these reasons, Android really leaves its mark.

These are perhaps some of the most distant or effected vocals yet, quiet and robotic yet somehow still loaded with emotion. There’s also a surprising level of clarity – you can hear these references to thoughts, these bridges built between the electronic and the natural world; or the android and the human. Obviously there’s a specific concept at work, but the sound and feel of the song transcends that, making complex thoughts seem simple and welcoming.

As the track progresses, that chord progression and these tones quickly settle in as familiar. The Stranger Things-esque downpour of synths is particularity satisfying, and offers a moment of real uplifting brightness after a lyrical segment.

Beautiful, an easy song to love – intentional, unique, and masterfully crafted.

Download the single via Bandcamp. Find & follow Hideotronic on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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