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hEVAN aliGator / Too Many Daze


Nostalgic production and an equally impressive flow, loaded with poetic images – hEVAN brings a creative twist on the indie UK vibes of underground legends, with the versatility, character, story-telling and lo-fi fuzz of aliGator.

Compressed bass and classic rhythms instantly charm the space, the subtlety of a recognizable and brief riff elevating the unmistakable personality of the track before bars even begin. aliGator is an easy win, appealing to the indie scene fans spanning from Verb T and the Four Owls to the way more ambient and unpredictable production of eras past.

hEVAN is a multi-faceted artist, without doubt – something made clear from the disarming shift to the intriguing, cinematic and haunting Too Many Daze. The voice remains recognizable, but the tone and delivery are different. The soundscape is powerful – increasingly intense and unsettling as it gathers momentum across an unpredictable and gripping two-minute lifespan.

In my opinion, Hip Hop needs this kind of freedom of expression, the sort of artists who are wholly devoted to pouring themselves into a moment of contemplation and sound-play – unconcerned with audience reception initially, but also tuned in enough to understand the value of structure, set-up and substance. hEVAN brings the darkness in terms of his threads of thought, and the music unites faultlessly with that intention.

* * *

Trip Spit is another highlight for all of these reasons and more. Lo-fi yet chaotic, a call-and-response vibe reinforcing the yesteryear audio energy whilst complex long-form bars provoke deeper thought.

Easily a new favourite from the creative Trip Hop and Indie Rap universe at large but also a distinctly refreshing highlight from the UK’s current landscape. hEVAN injects intention and unorthodox energies, promising to engage the scene with an intoxicating fusion of musical simplicity and lyrical depth.

Changing the methodology once more is the guitar-led cinematic and ethereal wave of rain keeps falling. Once again that voice stands out despite its subtlety – hEVAN masterfully maintaining these threads of identity amidst an ever-evolving repertoire that consistently delivers something new.

Work ethic is essential these days, and the hEVAN catalogue has expanded immensely over the past couple of months. Listen to the stream of consciousness poetry of Lungs in a Draw, the atmospheric and disturbing soundscape meeting with increasingly dark and disconcerting verses. By all accounts, there’s no limit to the artistry or revelation and storytelling of hEVAN, and that quality makes all the difference.

The instrumental sci-fi embrace of 2036 marks a strong final stand-out, but given the artwork, intricacies and fearless exploration of this extensive repertoire, there will be plenty more to anticipate in the coming months and years.

Find hEVAN on Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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