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heavy on the heart. Smokin’ All The Weed


Punk Rock and Pop creatively intertwined with a welcomed twist of Folk, an accessible story, and a set of visuals that quickly lift the mood – New York fourpiece heavy on the heart. bring the anthemic escapism back to modern rock, with the infectious and relatable Smokin’ All The Weed.

Relaying the stages of overcoming an intense disagreement or fallout, Smokin’ All The Weed delivers an energetic song of picking up the pieces after a relationship has broken down – or rather, finding those every-day ways of coping.

It’s a topic loaded with angst and emotion, but the musicianship, the performance and even the video, work hard to juxtapose that negativity with a clear sense of fun and an outright catchy melodic progression.

The verses in particular are where the traditional folk element comes in, almost Irish or Celtic inspired in its long-form evolution towards the musical resolve of the hook.

Visually depicting the band entertaining a party crowd in the way that many a nineties and early 2000s rock video would, Smokin’ All The Weed showcases the unity and devotion of heavy on the heart. under a memorable light, and at the same time introduces a band who not only entertain but write great songs; and do so with an emotional realness that’s easy to get on board with.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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