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HAVV happy?


Skilfully produced for an ambient, ethereal and melodic soundscape that quickly embraces the listener, artist and creative HAVV blends heavy bass with contemporary flickers of dance and deeply emotive, recognisable vocals, throughout the quickly addictive new single happy?

Simple to begin with yet increasingly appealing for its fusion of layers and the sheer emotion of the delivery, happy? presents a hypnotic, likeable backdrop, alongside a notably expressive vocal, and with the latter promises a striking hook – ‘no pressure’ repeats subtly, the tune and lyric of which lingers indefinitely.

Naturally soulful yet aptly modern in electronic design and detail, happy? injects a welcomed air of purpose and near-meditative calm into the scene.

The track has been rather faultlessly crafted, so as to allow the listener to turn up the volume and escape into the moment entirely. Bring through that reality of voice, the human element, and the completed release is an easy winner, akin to the breakout alternative dance tracks like Gabriel of timelessly engaging presence, only with a trap-kissed element of emo rap and alternative pop to raise the bar further still.

Download or stream happy? here. Check out HAVV on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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